The Rules of Childhood Part 2

Sometimes along the path from childhood to adulthood we lose track of the mysteries and the joys of life that our children see so clearly.

As a result, we often don’t understand our children. So for the next few months I plan, as best I can, to take you through a refresher course in the world as children see it. Perhaps it will give you a few laughs as you recognize your children and maybe even yourself from long ago.

To start things off here are a few that I’ve already posted on other sites:

Every stick is a pirate’s sword.

Every ball has to be thrown

Anything with wheels has to be ridden (or pushed).

Anything that fits into a hand must be tasted.

Every empty hallway requires a scream.

Every drawer must be opened.

Chewed gum must be stored in your hair

Laughter is the language of joy*

*Kids ask: since laughter, giggles and big smiles are the language when did adults lose their ability to speak?

This is the way it will work.

  • During the week I will, from time to time, post a rule or two on my twitter account (@awakenedtrilogy), my instagram account ( and my facebook page (

  • Once a week (or so) I will put everything that I have posted as well as some additions in my blog at

  • If you miss that there will be links from tumblr ( and pinterest (

  • So one way or another you should be able to follow along

  • If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, send your email address to or use the contact page on my blog site.

  • If you have any rules you want to suggest, email them to me and I will post the best along with a link to your social media page.

  • Of course, your comments are always welcomed.

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