The Rules of Childhood Part 3

Sometimes along the path from childhood to adulthood we lose track of the mysteries and the joys of life that our children see so clearly.

Here are a few more rules of childhood

Every box is a castle.

Every pet can talk.

Every tree can be climbed.

Every button must be pushed (more than once).

No means go ahead you have my blessing.

Your mother is always better than anyone else’s mother (works for Dads too).

Every swing is a rocket ship.

Every small blanket is really a cape.

The proper way to store toys is to spread them all over the room

Every snowflake must land on the tongue

This is the way it will work.

  • During the week I will, from time to time, post a rule or two on my twitter account (@awakenedtrilogy), my instagram account ( and my facebook page (

  • Once a week (or so) I will put everything that I have posted as well as some additions in my blog at

  • If you miss that there will be links from tumblr ( and pinterest (

  • So one way or another you should be able to follow along

  • If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, send your email address to or use the contact page on my blog site.

  • If you have any rules you want to suggest, email them to me and I will post the best along with a link to your social media page.

  • Of course, your comments are always welcomed.

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