What I learned the day before my book was released

Tomorrow is a special day for me. Tomorrow a life long dream becomes a reality. Tomorrow the first book of my trilogy will be officially released, traditionally published, generally available. So today as I sit at this threshold I ask myself why did God wait until now to answer my prayer? Why did He wait until I was sixty nine years old to answer yes especially since there were so many times I mistakenly thought the answer was no instead of what it really was: not yet.

It’s not that I didn’t try along the way. I have pages of ideas, too many first paragraphs to count most of which I no longer remember. I even have pages of writing that now exist only in the fog of cyberspace. So why now? Why did I have to wait so long?

Today I know the answer. He had me wait until I was ready. He had me wait until my life intersected with a great evil. An evil that I would willing face and walk away from knowing the power of God. He had me wait until the wounds of my childhood had started to heal. He had me wait until I could write what only time could teach me. He had me wait until I could write something that had all the adventure, all the suspense of a general market thriller and still, at its heart, remember Him, honor Him.

The truth is that I have been writing this novel all my life, I just didn’t know it. His answer had been yes from the very first prayer. Unknown to me I have been on a long journey in which He has been pouring the words into my life that would eventually find their way to the page. And tomorrow everyone will have the opportunity to read those words that mean so much too me. Some will like them, some will not, and that’s okay. But some will see in them what God intended them to see all along. It is for them that I wrote this. You see, He’s out there writing words into someone’s life and some of those words will be mine and that’s reward enough.

So today I’m not posting a funny meme or even an attention grabbing meme. No today I’m posting the truth as I see it.

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